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Laravel Admin Dashboard Released

December 5, 2016 - By 

Extension’s Valley this Laravel Admin Dashboard comes with many features.

Laravel Admin Dashboard

Laravel Admin Dashboard, is a simple and very powerful admin dashboard, which supports Laravel 5.2+, 5.4 and above.

This Dashboard also supports Laflux Platform. For those of who dont’t know, Laflux provides a very simple and initiative Platform for the Developers, Users to easily manage their Web applications. With inbuilt features for easy customization’s makes Laflux as one of the top Laravel based platforms out there. You can built Website, Blogs, E-commerce, CRM, ERP etc., easily with Laflux.

Awesome Features
  • 100% Upgrade Guaranteed
  • Laravel 5.2+ or 5.4 to Kick Start
  • User Management
  • User Groups Management
  • Powerful Access Control Logic (ACL)
  • Inbuilt Data Tables Support
  • Easy CRUD Management
  • Extension Manager for integrating many packages
  • Data Export options for all Tables
  • Rapid Customization Options
  • Full Admin Theme
  • Clean and Professional UI
  • Inbuilt CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Comparable with All-Modern-Browsers
  • Multiple Icon Fonts
  • Retina-Ready Design
Pages Included
  • Dashboard
  • Widgets
  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • Forgot Password
  • Profile
  • Generaral Settings
  • Users and User Group Tables
  • CRUD Pages for all tables
  • And many more (Checkout Screen Shots and Video Tutorials)

Customization’s or adding new features to this Laravel Admin Dashboard is every easy. With the inbuilt support for data-tables, you can built custom features by yourself. However, we do provide customization’s as per the user request. For more details, check our customer support.

You can buy this dashboard from the following link: Laravel Admin Dashboard


Laravel Admin Dashboard

Default Username : Default Password : 123456
Note: Modules used in the demo are completely free and can be downloaded from this website itself.  
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