Terms & Conditions

By our terms and conditions, ExtensionsValley only grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive and revocable license to use the contents and products sold through our website

NOTE: The term Contents and Products may be used interchangeably to refer to Templates, Themes, Plugins, Extensions, or Styles or what ever term constitutes a “skin” or “extensions” or “plugins” for a particular platform.

1.Limited Usage
Our products comes with limited usage.
Duplication of contents are strictly prohibited and protected under copyright.
All of our products are licensed under the GPL version 2.0 license.
You can do modifications for your own usage. But, not permitted to redistribute the products after modifications.
5.Unauthorized use
Unauthorized use is strictly restricted. And we will not hesitate to take legal actions for those who do.
All the products are delivered virtually. Therefore Shipping costs are not applied.
Complete ownership of the products are goes to ExtensionsValley.
8.Use of Content
After purchase, you can use the products for your own purpose only.
9.Refund policy
We do not issue refunds after the purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding upon registering at our site.However, for issues related with our products, issues will be fixed upon request or 80% of the amount will be refunded.
ExtensionsValley expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind.
For purchase, We do not offer any kind of support via email or phone for installation, Customization,administration, etc.Once a product is no longer sold or supported, the purchaser may lose access to downloads.
12.Referrals and Links
We do updates our products periodically or whenever a new version of the framework is available. For those, we no longer supports will be clearly mentioned in the description.
By reading this Terms and Conditions, you are agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

Updated 14/11/2016 with definitions for “lifetime” and “legacy”